Registration / Individual / ECF EU 2016

This form should be used only for individual registration, independent of any organizational affiliation. This means that the payment will be made by the individual himself/herself. For corporate registration, you should use the proper form available here.

For this type of registration, only Individual Registration fees apply.

The prospective participants should be advised that all payments are made online, via bank transfer, to the organizers, i.e., Centre for Advanced in Management and Applied Ethics. No cash or bank checks are acceptable due to local fiscal regulations.

The participation fee includes: (1) access to all forum sessions, coffee breaks and lunch; (2) personalized badge and conference agenda; (3) a complimentary issue of Ethics & Compliance Magazine; (4) a 10% voucher for 2016 Bulgarian Ethics & Compliance Forum, the 2017 Romanian Ethics & Compliance Forum or the 2017 Italian Ethics & Compliance Forum; (5) a 10% voucher for one training program from the 2017 calendar of the Ethics & Compliance Academy; and (6) other materials from forum partners.

Registration constitutes a legal agreement and all of the terms and conditions presented in the contract and the official website are binding on the parties.


Cancellation Policy

• If you cannot participate anymore and you want to transmit your invitation, we should receive the name of the new participant no later than November 7, 2016.
• Cancellations made on or before October 17, 2016 will receive a 80% refund (the remaining 20% are retained for bank transfer fees).
• Cancellations received after October 17, 2016 but no later than October 30, 2016 will receive a 45% refund, where 55% will be considered administration fee.
• No refunds will be given after October 30, 2016.

Very Important

• In order to access the conference room, you will need to have a valid ID.
• At the entrance of the conference venue, you will need to go through a security check. In order not to miss the Welcome Address, you need to arrive at least 10 minutes before the opening session.


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Citizens of some countries need Visa in order to travel to Romania/European Union. Make sure your country is part of the Visa waver program.

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