SESSION 8 – The Anti-Corruption Regulatory Landscape

There is no doubt that the most important part of the (Ethics &) Compliance function is related to regulatory conformity: companies have to observe specific regulations, standards, and various industry-based norms and standards that have been established in order to ensure higher levels of integrity in the economic sector. And the recent years demonstrated an increasing interest from regulators and various bodies to close even more the gap between current business practices and what it is considered desirable. In some situations, this interest and the regulations themselves turn into compliance fatigue, companies being unable to keep up with all the new developments.

The aim of this session is to present some of these new developments related to anti-corruption from across the globe and open a debate on the costs of compliance for all types of organisations. We are confident that opening such a debate not only on the impact of the regulatory frameworks on organisations, but also on the costs associated with the compliance process, both public officials and business representatives will help improving the current situation for the benefit of all stakeholders.

Day 2 | Friday, November 11, 2016

08.30.–09.00.   Registration & Welcome Coffee
09.00.–10.30.   SESSION 5 | CYBER-SECURITY “Mitigating Corporate Exposure to Cyber-Crime”
10.30.–10.45.   Coffee Break
12.15.–13.30.   Networking Lunch
13.30.–15.00.   SESSION 7 “Ethics & Compliance Magazine Roundtable”
15.00.–15.15.   Coffee Break
16.45.–17.00.   Closing Remarks

Session Chair

Livia ZAMFIROPOL, Partner (DLA Piper)




FCPA. The Cost and Consequences of Corruption

Teresa E. HULTZ, Special Agent (Federal Bureau of Investigation, USA)




Brexit and the UK’s Bribery Act 2010: has the anti-corruption landscape changed?

Neil McGREGOR, Managing Partner (McGregor & Partners SCA)





Asset Tracing and Recovery – Part of the National Policies for Corruption and Crime Prevention

Cornel-Virgiliu CĂLINESCU, Head of National Agency for Administration of Impounded Assests (Ministry of Justice, Romania)





Peter van LEUSDEN, Project Manager at Fiscal Information and Investigation Service, Anti-Corruption Team (Ministry of Finance, The Netherlands)