SESSION 3 – Pharma Sector. Implications of EFPIA Transparency Codes


Day 1 | Thursday, November 10, 2016

08.30.–09.00.   Registration & Welcome Coffee
10.30.–10.45.   Coffee Break
12.15.–13.30.   Networking Lunch
13.30.–15.00.   SESSION 3 | PHARMA “Implications of EFPIA Transparency Codes”
15.00.–15.15.   Coffee Break
16.45.–17.00.   Closing Remarks

Session Chair

Laura FLOREA, Managing Partner (Point Public Affairs)




Learnings of EFPIA HCP/HCO Disclosure (“Transparency”) Code & a Glimpse into the Future

Karel VERKOELEN, Head of Ethics and Business Integrity Europe and Regional Compliance Officer (Sanofi)




Implications of EFPIA Transparency Codes. A Local Perspective

Christian RODSETH, Administrator (Johnson & Johnson) Managing Director (Janssen Pharmaceutical companies of Johnson & Johnson)




What Is Too Much of a Gift? The DNA Criminal File of the 77 Oncologists

Madalin ENACHE, Partner (Musat & Associates), and Simona PIRTEA, Partner (Business at Law)

The medical and pharma world has been, throughout the years, a field in theory governed by laws and regulations but, in reality, dominated by traditions, habits and conducts learned from colleagues instead of taught by professionals. Yet, the changes of legislation that Romania faced in the most recent years, designed to adapt the medical and pharma field to the European and global regulatory environment, has encountered a natural resistance and inertia within the profession, reluctant to part with ways in which it had acted (successfully) in past years.
In this context, the generalised fight of the Romanian State against corruption has also lead to criminal files being started in relation to such practices and conducts in the past, which are considered by the anticorruption prosecutors as illegal and resulting in the need for criminal prosecution. The 77 oncologists accused by DNA of having received bribe from a pharma company (in its turn accused for giving bribe) in relation to their manner of prescribing such medicines are just the first in a series of criminal files which will most likely shake the foundation of the pharma industry and of the manner in which companies conduct their businesses in relation to medical professionals.