SESSION 7 – Ethics & Compliance Magazine Roundtable: “What Can Really Deliver an Ethics & Compliance Professional?”

The general attitude towards Ethics & Compliance function ranges from total rejection and skepticism to illusory hopes. In many cases, the pros and cons are based on personal intuitions and not on a systematic, scientific approach of the field. Because of these issues, the current debate on Ethics & Compliance is in its infancy. And not only in Europe. Actually, there is a fundamental schism, a hiatus between the academics interested in the field and the professionals from companies and other types of organisations. To this, we should add the fact that the number of Ethics & Compliance professionals is low in comparison with the market requesting their services.

This roundtable is meant to act as a platform for a consistent dialogue on the role of the Ethics & Compliance professionals in their organisations and also in terms of public policy relevant to their work. The roundtable is initiated under the auspices of the European Ethics & Compliance Association and the “Ethics & Compliance Magazine”.

Day 2 | Friday, November 11, 2016

08.30.–09.00.   Registration & Welcome Coffee
09.00.–10.30.   SESSION 5 | CYBER-SECURITY “Mitigating Corporate Exposure to Cyber-Crime”
10.30.–10.45.   Coffee Break
12.15.–13.30.   Networking Lunch
13.30.–15.00.   SESSION 7 “Ethics & Compliance Magazine Roundtable”
15.00.–15.15.   Coffee Break
16.45.–17.00.   Closing Remarks

Session Chair

Cristian DUCU, Senior Ethics & Compliance Consultant (Centre for Advanced Research in Management and Applied Ethics)




Hermann KRULL, Advocate, Head of the Compliance and Legal Services Department (The South African Bank of Athens Limited)



Mihai G. POPA, Country Head of Law, Patents and Compliance (Bayer, Country Group Romania/Bulgaria/Moldova)



Codru VRABIE, Anti-Corruption Expert (Funky Citizens)

2016 European Ethics & Compliance Forum, Session 7

2016 European Ethics & Compliance Forum, Session 7

2016 European Ethics & Compliance Forum